Monday, January 31, 2011

One Last Time: John Galt Doesn't Care About You.

When I read the solutions to our economic malaise put forward by non-economic-progressives – and especially by those on the right, but even by a few folks who identify as libertarian left – what I hear is that we, the little people, ought to want to suffer a little more in order to make sure that our reptilian corporate masters become incrementally wealthier, so that they can then build factories and office buildings and then we "parasites" can have jobs; when those factories succeed and prosper, no one but the owners can benefit, because They’re Supposed To Have All The Money (or something...I’m paraphrasing here, plus it’s been awhile since I’ve read Ayn Rand.)

Think about this: Obama cutting most people’s taxes, and raises taxes only on the rich (and that higher tax paid by the rich would still be lower than during the administration of that communist monster, Ronald Reagan) is described as "socialism."

That is glaring evidence to me that the whole game is rigged, by the people who have the means to so rig it.

My fear is that the consequences of this situation (yawning inequality, declining wages, a disintigrating safety net, and so on) will be blamed on racial and ethnic scapegoats, who will then be persecuted, rather than on those who ought to take the blame.

Of course, when things completely unravel, I imagine Our Reptilian Corporate Masters will just pull their yachts out into international waters and watch our cities burn – and then decamp for their next victims, who will then be hollowed out and bled dry.

It is the dawn of Locust Capitalism.

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