Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Occam Would Be Proud Of Me For This

Look: the Democratic Congress and the Democratic President didn't pass truly progressive legislation because they didn't want to. They didn't want to because doing so would cost Our Reptilian Corporate Masters power, and then Our Reptilian Corporate Masters would close the purse strings and the Democrats would drown in Republican money.

Which, you know, happened anyway.

The biggest "Progressive Victory" is that gay people will now be able to join the imperial forces and fight and die to defend the interests of Our Reptilian Corporate Masters.

The imbalances in wealth and income between Our Reptilian Corporate Masters and everyone else are manifestly unjust; this is The Only Challenge That Matters when it comes to promoting a Progressive Agenda. That is the rotten root from which grows practically everything else.

We need to find a way, from the grassroots up, to address and correct the structures that perpetuate and aggravate those imbalances - traditionally this has meant steeply progressive tax rates, support for labor and financial regulation.

Unless some countervailing power prevents it, capitalism always concentrates wealth, and thus power, in the hands of a thinner and thinner slice of folks at the top. This can either be reformed (progressive taxation, support for labor, financial regulation, etc.) or if it isn't, we need to resign ourselves to living in a society more or less constantly on the verge of armed revolution.

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