Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yale Law Dean Harold Koh

There is a ridiculous story being circulated on Right-wing news outlets that Yale Law Dean Harold Koh, who has been nominated by Barack Obama to serve as a State Department attorney, once proposed allowing Sharia law to apply in American courts.
The motive for spreading this lie is transparent; it is an allusion to the fear among ignorant people that Obama is some sort of secret Muslim (whose Christian pastor is some sort of atheistic communist. Or something. The right has always been better at being loud and paranoid than at being consistent or logical...but I digress).

Well, the story has been pretty thoroughly debunked by by Dahlia Lithwick in Slate.

Sheesh. To think I was once a Republican. They've progressed steadily from cynical fear-mongering to outright nut-casery, in the span of 10 years. I used to find it hilarious; now it is just sad. Bill Buckley is spinning in his grave.

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