Friday, April 17, 2009

How About a "Free Market" for Labor?

In a post at The Writing on the Wal, JR gets to the heart of why the Employee Free Choice Act is necessary:

At a Duncanville, Texas, Wal-Mart, the union has signed up 58 employees, representing a little more than 10% of the store's 500 employees. Several workers said the company's strong performance during the recession encouraged them to sign union cards in an effort to get better wages and benefits.

Linda Haluska, an overnight stocker at a Wal-Mart in Glendale, Ill., said Wal-Mart is "a good place to work, but it would be better with a union." Since February, Ms. Haluska said her store has held five or six meetings attended by managers from the Wal-Mart corporate office to discuss unionization. Ms. Haluska and other workers said the meetings are aimed at dissuading workers from supporting the union. "They are not giving us the full picture, just enough to discourage you."

This is why passage of the Employee Free Choice Act is so vital.  The playing field is not level.  The purpose of such meetings is to intimidate workers into not joining the union.  Opponents of EFCA claim that union members might intimidate workers into signing union cards if that legislation passes, but these meetings are more intimidating than anything organized labor could ever manage because MANAGEMENT HAS THE POWER TO FIRE YOU.  Unions don't.

Exactly right. The EFCA will help equalize the power relationship between management and labor, and good lord, the powers that be can't have that. Their yachts need helipads, after all.

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