Thursday, February 19, 2009

Republican Abstractions, Democratic Practicalities

In going from Republican (in the early ’80s) to Democrat (now), I’m now actually to the left of a lot of the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party.

The Republicans’ policies made a certain amount of sense to me when I considered as pure abstractions: it is when I saw them operate in the real world that I saw the game for what it is: It is not really about freedom from tyranny and small government. It is really about serving the group of people the Republican Party serves: the economic elites.

The reason I’ve stayed with the Democratic Party (rather than going further left) is that there have been periods in its history when it knew where its success came from: looking out for working people, protecting the non-rich from the rich, and so on.

It does seem like the political battles in this country are often battles between rich people - between the socially “liberal” rich of places like Manhattan and the socially “conservative” rich of the South. I am doing what I can to rally the economic populists within the Democratic Party, but I’m just one guy.

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