Thursday, February 12, 2009

A chronology of the Economic Crisis

From a commenter at Daily Kos:

1961-64 Robert Kennedy wages war against the Mob. Labor effectively defanged. Economic Elites will eventually learn that they can bitch slap labor without worrying about being slapped back. Mob and Labor part ways.

Liberalism is nothing without labor, labor, it turns out, is nothing without teeth.

1964 High Tide of Liberalism reached. Movement Conservatism formed, funded by the Economic Elites.

1970 Walter Reuther dies from mysterious plane crash.

1973 Per hour Wages peak and stagnate there after. From 1940-1973 wages grow with increases in productivity. Increasingly after this, demand increases only with increased man hours.

1980 Reagan wins election

1981 PATCO - Reagan lets labor step on the banana peel and bitch slaps labor into third tier status. From this point, Economic Elites are on the gravy train.

2001 The Blunder-man "Wrong Way" Bush commeth. For the last 27 years the growth in GNP has all gone to the economic elites (the supply side) by 2001 the economy has more than doubled over 1973 - that's trillions and trillions of dollars to the top 1% of the economy, year-in and year-out. As a result of this excess in flow of money to 'supply-side' demand is soft and beginning to shrink - creating a deflationary recession and stock bubbles (bubble result from too much money finding too little returns across the aggregate of the economy - until one little spot, like new technologies shows decent returns and then all money floods to that spot).

In the face of too much supply, in an economy based 2/3rds on demand, does Bush implement demand side economics? In a word no.

Instead, Bush pores the coals on 'supply-side' economics and by the end of his term may have pushed another 10 or 11 trillion dollars over to the supply side of the economy.

At this point the economy should contract, indeed crater, but it doesn't. Why? Bush is able to borrow cheap money from east Asia to cover his tracks as a substitute for real wage based demand. When the bills come do ... then the economy craters.

That's how we got to where we are.

Wages have to keep up with productivity to be stable. If they don't society becomes top heavy and unstable, like standing up in a dugout canoe: prone to sudden epic collapse.

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