Monday, April 21, 2008

Road Trip: Dateline: Washington DC

I've arrived in Washington DC, after a 4 day drive across the United States.

I'm staying with a friend in suburban Maryland, and today I took the Metro (the DC Subway) into Washington DC.

The weather was off-and-on-rain, but I managed to avoid most of the heavier downpours and take in the National Mall.

The Capitol building itself is quite impressive and imposing, almost to the point of silliness. Seeing the thing close up and "in-person" for the first time made quite an impression on me - the building is just absolutely colossal, with marble columns that are probably a good fraction of 100 feet tall. I got some sense of the power exercised in that place, and it was both impressive a a little disquieting.

There is a Catholic church near the Metro Center called St. Patricks. I stopped in to pray for a few minutes, to thank God for a safe drive from California to DC. More soon.

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