Monday, April 14, 2008

Hunter at Daily Kos gets blunt... his Daily Kos front page post [Warning: he uses rather salty language at times] discussing the media's ridiculous obsession with faux "controversies" that are currently taking up pundit's time on the cable "news" networks. An excerpt:

There is a profound lesson to be taken from Orangejuicegate, or Bowlinggate, or Bittergate, and that lesson is that the guardians of our discourse are, at heart, idiots. There is no other explanation or redemption. Anyone attempting to draw out character definition from a glass of orange juice is, at heart, someone who has entirely run out of insightful things to say. Anyone attempting to make the case that a bowling score represents the measure of a man deserves to be basted, roasted, and served to whatever imbecile of a president does manage to rise to the top of their addled internal scoresheet.

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