Thursday, November 01, 2007

Note to my Right-Wing readers

I’m sorry, but you folks seriously need to get a pair.


Landsakes, have you no courage? What is this desperation for the government to torture the big, bad terrorists before they do something mean to you? You’re giving the terrorists way, WAY more power…more attention, even… than they deserve.

Think about this: Why is it called “TERRORism”?? Forget moral considerations for a moment. Don’t you realize that when you beg the government to stop at no means, no matter how vile and subversive of democracy and human decency, to save your sorry, fear-addled hide - “I’m scared! Trash the constitution! Take away my rights! Do anything, but don’t let them hurt meeee!” - you’re actually doing exactly what the terrorists want you to do? Why are you helping the terrorists?

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