Monday, November 19, 2007

Kunstler on "Consumer" vs. "Citizen"

Excerpted from an essay by Jim Kunstler, Author of "The Geography of Nowhere" and other books about urbanism.

Consumers. What a degrading label for people who used to be citizens.

Consumers have no duties, obligations, or responsibilities to anything besides their own desire to eat more Cheez Doodles and drink more beer. Think about yourself that way for twenty or thirty years and it will affect the collective spirit very negatively. And our behavior. The biggest losers, of course, end up being the generations of human beings who will follow us, because in the course of mutating into consumers, preoccupied with our Cheez Doodle consumption, we gave up on the common good, which means that we gave up on the future, and the people who will dwell in it.

Well, exactly. Paris Hilton, Nascar...maybe I'll start a TV Network called the "Bread and Circuses Channel."

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