Sunday, July 22, 2007

War is Truly Hell

It's awful easy to cheer for war from the safety of your computer keyboard in a nice, safe home, far from the messiness of actual combat. Have you ever actually seen war? I mean real, deafening, violent, bloody, murderous war? Have you ever felt a buddy breathe his last, begging God's forgiveness for the horrors he visited upon his fellow men?

And, it's not ok to kill people just because "well, you know, that's war...and besides, it's a fallen world and war is a consquence of sin blah blah blah..."

You realize that when confronted with the reality of what war actually, really IS. You realize it when you throw a grenade into a bunker, and learn in the next moment that the bunker had both people and cans of gasoline in it: and spend the next few minutes - minutes you spend the rest of your life realizing you'll never, ever forget - listening to "enemy" human beings, guys about your age, in that bunker die in horrific agony, knowing You Did It and you can Never, Ever Take It Back.

War is the most Un-Christian, Un-Catholic, merciless destruction of the possibility of Love that exists in this world.

To all you folks worshiping at the altar of Violence:

There is no "Good War." The Big One, World War II? It is worth remembering that thousands and thousands of "enemy" 3-year-olds burned to death in the wreckage of their homes before they got a chance to learn the name of the country they lived in.

To know of the carnage of the last 100 years, and sneer at "peace" as some hippy-dippy outmoded thing from the sixties, seems, frankly, depraved.

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