Friday, July 20, 2007

AP: Two more Freidman Units Needed

The AP is reporting that the commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, whose troops are deployed south of Baghdad, is saying that he needs until at least spring 2008, and more probably until summer, to ensure success in his area of Iraq:

If the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq is reversed before the the middle of 2008, the military will risk giving up the security gains it has achieved at a cost of hundreds of American lives over the past six months, the commander of U.S. forces south of Baghdad said Friday.

Maj. Gen. Richard Lynch, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, mentioned none of the proposals in Congress for beginning to withdraw U.S. troops as soon as September. all. But he made clear in an interview that in his area of responsibility south of Baghdad, it will take many more months to consolidate recent gains.

"It's going to take through (this) summer, into the fall, to defeat the extremists in my battle space, and it's going to take me into next spring and summer to generate this sustained security presence," he said, referring to an Iraqi capability to hold gains made by U.S. forces.

Interesting. So we'll know how things worked out in Iraq right around the time the Democrats and Republicans are holding their respective political conventions to nominate their candidates for president. I'll bet anyone here one million dollars that the story being told by the crooks in the White House will be something resembling this:

"Just at the moment we're finally making progress, and see the Light at The End of the Tunnel, those America-hating Jews--oops, sorry, Democrats-- want to give our troops a Stab in the Back, and force them to abandon the Iraqi people and deny us our Glorious Victory."

Predicted lede in an AP story then:

"President Bush, in a statement given in front of troops in North Carolina [who were ordered on pain of death not to laugh,] said today that he expected his successor to consolidate the self-evident Victory he'd secured after years of sacrifice in Iraq. He reminded the troops that their fallen comrades were counting on his successor to 'ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain.' "

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