Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My one and only post about Brittany Murphy

I didn't personally know Brittany Murphy. No one I know knew Brittany Murphy. It is probably a safe assumption that no one commenting here on my blog knew Brittany Murphy.

How about the media do a straight news story (amounting to maybe a couple paragraphs)? The people reading the news story might offer a quick prayer for Brittany and those who loved her. And then (and here's the thing) move on.

Or, to put a slightly finer point on it: why should I expend any energy whatsoever caring and discussing and speculating about this whole "situation" beyond the above point? I mean, whether drugs or anorexia or, I don't know, cocaine-fueled bestiality orgies caused her death is really none of my fucking business, you know?

Whose interests are served by mass hysteria surrounding celebrities? "Cui Bono?" - Who benefits?

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