Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To Really See

If we could, for once, see clearly how much God loves each of us – more than we could possibly imagine – more than we love our own selves – more than we want him to – more, even, than we are able to want him to – the God who holds the universe balanced in existence by an act of his will, loves each of us with infinite love – then we could not possibly find a justification for war, or torture, or abortion, or letting our brothers and sisters who are infinitely loved by our creator, die needlessly of preventable illnesses, or perish in wars whose purpose is to protect the interests of powerful men who lust for power in a vain attempt to fill the emptiness which can only be filled by God Who is all-powerful.

It would be impossible to judge anyone as lazy for their poverty or wealth or condemn anyone for being as much of a sinner…as we are.

We must realize our brother- and sisterhood, and see that we must live together not as trenchant foes nor as enemies under truce but as reconciled family on this one God-given world.

We must see that the biker mama and the racist and the besuited WASP manager and the assembly line worker and the unemployed carpenter are all the same “us” – and not only them, but the drug addict and the abortionist and the corrupt banker and the imprisoned murderer and Osama bin Laden are also all the same “us” who need our prayers as much as we need theirs. There is no “us” and “them” in the world as God sees it: only “us.”

May I come more and more to see others as God sees them, myself as God sees me, and to see God as He sees Himself.

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