Monday, February 25, 2008

Robert Reich "Gets it"

Robert Reich, on the resemblance of Barack Obama's movement to the idealism of another time:

It is easy for cynics to write off Obamania as a passing fad, as lofty rhetoric that can't and won't hold up on close inspection -- another bout of the kind of naive and romantic enthrallment that occasionally claims American voters until common sense sets in. This is surely what Hillary Clinton and my friend from forty years ago [Bill Clinton, classmate at Oxford] are counting on. But if the Clintons stop to think back to what they felt and understood in those years leading up to 1968, they may come to a different conclusion, as have I.

It occurs to me that the Republicans have been using the rhetoric and imagery straight out of the Sixties, to try and revive, and this time win, the fights from that turbulent decade.

Be careful what you wish for, Republicans. A tsunami is making its presence felt: the waters of conservatism are receding rapidly, and a gathering roar can be heard approaching.

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