Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gerald Campbell on Obama

In this article at Vox Nova, Gerald Campbell gets it right, I think:

It is the corrosive influence of Lee Atwater and his protege Karl Rove that Senator Barack Obama is attempting to efface from America’s political scene. He has vowed never to use such techniques in his presidential campaign. Whether he wins or loses this contest, one can hope that he succeeds in inspiring other political aspirants to take the same stance against negative politics.

I think Obama is a once-in-a-generation (at most) political figure - able to inspire and motivate people to think beyond themselves. There hasn’t been someone with his inspirational qualities in almost 40 years.

I don’t like his stands on every issue, and wonder especially how progressive he’ll be on national health care, but I look forward to the potential for a conversation about these and other issues that moves beyond the dueling caricatures that currently dominate the discussions now: “Baby killer!” “Theocrat!”

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