Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dem Dems...

I find myself pretty unsatisfied by all the Democrats in the Presidential field this cycle, and in the last several.

The missing piece, for me, is Economic Justice.

The income distribution in our society is more skewed towards the rich than at almost any time in our history, and yet, virtually no one is talking about it, at least in any depth.

The Dems seem very, very gun shy about even bringing this up.

There used to be a consensus in this country - a consensus forged by Democrats of the past - that one of the more important functions of government was to help balance society by keeping things more economically equal than they would be under a purely capitalist system (mostly through a progressive income tax, and redistribution), and thus provide soocial stability.

Places where this ethic does not obtain tend to be places constantly on the verge of armed revolution.

The current consensus - the idea that redistribution = communism - is a consensus put in place by Republicans, who are the party of the Rich.

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