Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Bay Area Weather Looking "Ominous"

I'm a weather geek, so I read the technical discussions from the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atomospheric Administration) pretty regularly. These discussions are usually pretty dry, and talk about troughs, ridges, low and high pressure areas, etc., in a rather objective scientific tone.

Today's discussion put out by the weather office in Monterey, California, used the words "very ominous" to describe the developing situation in the eastern Pacific Ocean. We've been getting hammered by storms the last 3 days, which have brought as much as 8 inches of rain to the San Francisco Bay Area, but these may be only the beginning. The weather service is predicting that this series of cold storms will bring snow down to lower elevations for the next five days, followed by a "pineapple connection" connection storm with origins in hawaii. This would dump enormous amounts of rain on the deep snowpack, causing nearly apocalyptic flooding as the rain melts the snow, and then all that water surges into the rivers in the lowlands.

Pray for those without shelter, and add prayers for the people affected by the recent tsunamis in the Indian Ocean basin.

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