Sunday, November 21, 2004

From the Stations of the Cross

"These Fourteen Steps
That you are now about to walk
You do not take alone.

I walk with you.

Though you are you
And I am I
Yet we are truly one:
One Christ.

Therefore, my Way of the Cross,
Two thousand years ago
And your "way" now
Are also One.

But note this difference:

My Life was incomplete
Until I crowned it by my death;

Your Fourteen steps will only be complete
When you have crowned them
By your life.

-Clarence Enzler, "Everyone's Way of the Cross"

There are great possibilities for nobility and redemption in un-earned suffering. The only requirement is that the suffering is elevated by Love -- "Agape" love, love that is freely given and expects nothing in return. Am I saying, "Be a doormat"? No. I'm saying that standing in loving opposition, refusing to cooperate with evil but also refusing to hate the evil-doer, can be an occasion of reconciliation, which is better than some narrow definition of victory.

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