Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Purpose of this Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Hopeful Populist. My purpose in creating this blog is to give a voice (mine) to the concerns of ordinary mortals in the United States. Not a lot of people are saying the things I want to say. The issues I will be addressing are social and economic issues, from an old-fashioned populist's point of view. I will tackle some of the issues of the day (the war, the election, the economy), but also some things that aren't "issues" in the sense of being on the news, but are essential (in my opinion) to the survival of the United States as a place worth living in, and as a place that can honestly consider itself to be an example to the world. Issues like income distribution, the failures of both parties in the United States to do much of anything about the issues that affect most Americans (e.g. how the lack of union representation is lowering standards of living for the majority of Americans.)

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